Introduction to Lions and Lilies

Crest and Motto

Lions and Lilies is a series of books set during The Hundred Years War and is based on historical characters, events and battles.

It is a mediaeval adventure that will capture your imagination and your heart.


Series One

The Lily and the Lion begins with two sisters, Cécile and Catherine, separated as very young children and raised on either side of the Channel, in fourteenth century England and France, each unaware they have a sibling.

Wistful and passionate, the wayward Cécile has enjoyed the indulgent childhood of a noble, but life for the young Frenchwoman is about to change when, after a seventeen year separation, she learns of the existence of a sister.

Catherine, a naïve novice, believing she was abandoned at the waifs’ gate, has endured a lonely existence within the convent walls, but the arrival of Cécile’s letter sparks a chain of events that thrust the shy nun into a dangerous and foreign world.

England holds sway over France and an uneasy peace creeps across the lands.  Trust is a commodity lost to most, for wealth is favoured above chivalry, and there is little money in truce. Drawn into the political turbulence and plots of high treason against three crowns, the sisters find themselves immersed in intrigue, danger and romance.

Protected by a secret order of knights, in an age when women had no control over their lives, Cécile and Catherine’s hopes of being reunited are constantly thwarted by the powerful men around them – even as they provide both distraction and passion, for none appear to be who they claim!