It is not possible to undertake a project the size of Lions and Lilies without the help and support of friends and family.  We would each like to thank the following for their love, understanding and unswerving belief in our abilities …


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Cathy A

Lions and Lilies is very much a team effort and I would be greatly remiss not to acknowledge the time and patience shown me by my mentor – Cathy T. Thanks, sis, could not have done it without you.

A big thank you to Dr Ingrid Berling for her advice on all matters medical and, should discrepancies occur, they fall within the writer’s scope of imagination.

To my dedicated group of readers, Vicki H and Robyn V – your honesty has always been greatly appreciated and your friendship the oars that steady this ship.

Thanks also to Heidi for your photography skills; Terri G, Vicky R, Robyn V, Penny Mc, Kelly H and Nicole Mc – for being there whenever I needed you.

A special thank you to Julie, Maureen, Marilyn, Allan, Nikki and all at school – who take such great care of those I love dearly.  

To my Family History ladies - Barbara, Kathy, Paula and Taia, your support has been unwavering.

Finally to my family, my brothers and sisters, a very big thank you. To my parents Pat and Jerry – your confidence in me has been unshakeable and I will carry your philosophies with me all the days of my life. Behind every great writer, there is a an extremely patient partner – who will cook when there is no dinner and weed when the garden is overgrown, will collect children, supervise homework, walk the dog and generally be your third arm.  If you have one of these you can achieve anything. Thank you, Dave, my soul mate – my friend. And most importantly – my children  - Mum loves you very much.


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Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to the following -

My co-writer, for, without her, this simply would not be possible. The story is two halves of a whole and I can only tell one side.  Thank you for your constant support and enthusiasm.

My test readers and friends, thank you for your honesty and keen interest.

Jean-Louis in France, who made his time available to show us around Bellegarde and surrounding districts, and to Hazel for then graciously feeding us and welcoming us into their home. The time spent at Azincourt was amazing; an experience I will never forget.

Count Charles-Henri, Chateau de Saint-Loup, France, who took time away from a busy schedule to show me, in person, the keep where the Black Prince kept King Jean le Bon prisoner.

Isolde Martyn, for making one dream already come true. I had never thought to correspond with my favourite author, and your encouragement has been wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time for us.

To my son, Luke, for his wonderful, original artwork on the home page. You are a gifted artist. (Crest, seal, illuminated letter and decoration by Cathy T).

And to my beloved family, for just being there, and believing in me.  


To the Manuscript Appraisal Agency, and its team, your advice and encouragement was a highly rewarding experience. Thank you, Brian Cook.

To Gary and Peter, Big Hat Pictures, for making a documentary of how we two Catherines met, and the facts behind the scenes. Your faith in our project is tremendously uplifting. Merci beaucoup Isabelle, who provided the voice-over in her beautiful, genuine French accent!

And to Andrew Hill-Male, (@hm Website Design & Hilltop-Mail email Marketing) who made this site possible. Thank you for your understanding and dedication to meet our needs.

A special thank you to Les Zigomanis, (Leszig) from whom we learned so much. Every writer needs a great editor and we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Les. We sincerely hope we can do so in the future.

Our wonderful covers for Book 1 - The Lily and the Lion - and Book 2 - The Order of the Lily - was designed by Luke Harris (Chameleon Design). Thank you Luke and Marianne for all your suggestions and guidance.

But the biggest joy of all will come from our readers.  If this story fills your heart, makes you laugh, makes you cry, and brings some pleasure into your life, we will have succeeded in our dream and, for that, we thank each and every one of you.